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Custom Video Presentations!

A Custom Video Presentation From Talking Heads Video Uses Images, Video, Sound, Text and a Professional Video Spokesperson to Create a Product Demonstration, Website Walk-through, Informational, Training or Sales Video

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Custom Video Presentation

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#1 Video Production

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What You Get

  • Spokesperson

  • Images and Effects

  • Professional Editing

  • MP4 of Finished Video

Custom Video Presentation Examples

Custom Video Presentations

A Custom Video Presentation from Talking Heads Video Video is able to deliver a direct and clear message to a broad audience as well as focus viewers on something particular. A visually appealing video is an excellent way to present a product, service or brand and take user experience to a much more interactive level. For this reason, elegant, creative and professional videos are becoming increasingly popular now. Our Custom Video Presentations use images, video, sound, text and a professional video spokesperson. We put it all together and provide you a Full HD 1920X1080 video in MP4 format suitable to upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook.Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vevo, Metacafe, Flickr, whatever video service you like.

Why Should You Have Video?

You want to compete with the "Big Boys" but don't want to pay "Big Studio" rates. We focus on video presentations that improve your bottom line without breaking your bank. Rather than spending tens or even hundreds o thousands on a "viral video", we recommend creating videos that work for you 24/7 delivering a consistent message to potential customers. By utilizing a professional spokesperson and supporting your message with text and graphics, you are capitalizing on rich media to influence your potential customers.



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